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TV streaming devices: how to make your TV smart

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what are TV streaming devices?

With the advent of streaming television there has been a revolution that has radically changed the way we view products such as films, television series, sporting events, documentaries and programs aimed at children. A revolution that took place both in Italy and in the rest of the world.

The huge advantage over pay TV is that with streaming TV the possibility of watching the program in question is ensured not only on the home TV but also on other devices such as tablets and smartphones.

TV streaming devices are tools specifically designed for anyone who doesn’t want to miss out on live events and at the same time record the best quality version for post-event editing.

These are therefore devices that offer a range of latest generation functions to facilitate navigation on the various platforms and viewing programs as much as possible.

Thanks to these devices, your favorite contents can be streamed to your home TV, even if it is not of the latest generation.

In order for these devices to work smoothly and without interruptions, it is essential to have a good internet connection ( at least 20 Mega ) or better still the optical fiber for a high definition vision.

What is streaming?

Before going to find out what are the streaming devices, it is good to remember what streaming is .

This term indicates a particular system for transmitting certain audio and video signals through the Internet: in this way it is possible to use the desired content without having to download it.

Speaking of streaming, we need to distinguish between live streaming and on-demand streaming.

Live Streaming

The data is transmitted through specific compression techniques that lighten the load on the network used for the transmission of information as much as possible.

The use of these particular compression techniques involves a slight delay, of a few seconds, in the transmission of the required information flow. A delay that, in most cases, is not a problem for those who use this information.

In this case, the audiovisual contents are ready for use .

When a user requests a certain audio or video file, it is instantly decompressed by a program or device, which will reproduce the information contained in the requested file a few seconds after it has been received.

The delay that is created between the beginning of the reception of the file and the beginning of the reproduction of the same is called buffer and used to remedy any interruptions caused by the network used for the transmission of the content in question. Popular examples of on-demand streaming are YouTube or the paid services Infinity and Netflix.

The versatility of TV streaming devices

There is nothing simpler than connecting devices for streaming TV even to a slightly dated TV, the important thing is that at least one HDMI port is present .

The next step is to subscribe a monthly fee thanks to which we will be able to take advantage of a practically unlimited choice of multimedia contents, which can be films, television series, cartoons, which are offered by the provider.

The viewing of these contents not only knows no reproduction limits, but can be interrupted and resumed at any time you wish.

The latest generation TV streaming devices are equipped with an operating system, efficient processors, improved audio video support, a compact design and small size, as well as a dedicated remote control, headphones and a whole series of useful tools to make the most of the device performance.

Thanks to TV streaming devices it is no longer necessary to buy a very expensive Smart TV .

How does a streaming device make a smart TV?

Thanks to streaming devices, turning an old TV into a Smart TV is a simple and inexpensive operation that any user can perform.

The only prerequisite is that the TV has at least one free HDMI port . Then you can proceed with the choice of the device that best meets your needs and financial resources.

There are several solutions to convert a TV into smart

  • dongle devices
  • TV box
  • Media Center

Dongle devices allow you to connect the TV to other devices. Usually smartphones but not only. Using a dongle , the TV becomes smart as it exploits all the potential of the smartphone to which it is connected.

Smart TV boxes are the most complete devices that connect to the TV and give the full feeling of using a smart TV. You have access to the operating system, the app store, the configurations. Using a TV box is pretty much the same as having a smart TV.

Media Centers are devices capable of showing, via the TV, multimedia contents saved on a hard disk or on a USB pen drive.

The content that can be played via the media center can also be saved in a remote location and received from the media center via the network, usually via the internet.

The best devices for streaming TV

Google Chromecast was among the first HDMI dongles to make an appearance on the market. It is a device produced by the Mountain View giant that allows you to send both audio and video streams to your home TV (even if it’s not a Smart TV ) through Google Cast wireless technology.

Once connected to the HDMI socket of the TV and then connected to a Wi-Fi network, it will allow you to transmit your favorite live content, which can be videos or web pages, from your PC, smartphone or tablet. Google currently markets three Chromecast models.

The basic one to play videos up to a resolution of 1080p (Full HD) which costs 39 euros . Then there is Chromecast Ultra with which to play videos in 4K and HDR (with Ethernet support) which costs 79 euros. Finally, Chromecast audio thanks to which we can convert any audio system into a wireless system.

Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an HDMI dongle that then plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. This device allows you to access a wide range of online content such as Amazon Prime Video videos , Netflix , Amazon Music Unlimited music , without forgetting the many apps for Android that we find directly in the Amazon store.

Amazon’s Fire Tv is often used to view IPTV content . With the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can also play content from smartphones and tablets on your TV. Just create and log in with your account and subscribe to start watching streaming content on your TV.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition is equipped with a 1.3 GHz MediaTek Quad-Core ARM processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. It supports dual-band Wi-Fi networks, bluetooth and all major audio and video file formats with Full HD resolution with 60 FPS. The price of the Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition device amounts to 59.99 euros ; while 39.99 euros for those who are enrolled in the Amazon Prime program.

Even if it is not described in the technical characteristics, Amazon Fire Stick TV is compatible with the HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) standard, an additional function that allows you to:

  • turn on the TV directly by activating the Fire Stick TV
  • activate the HDMI input to which the Stick is connected
  • use the TV remote to control the Fire Stick

Apple TV

Apple TV is a module called set-top-box , which allows you to play multimedia content on iTunes or on platforms such as Netflix. It is one of the first media centers ever released on the market, that is a sort of box that connects to the TV and allows you to access a series of online content.

Two versions can be found on the market:

  • Apple TV 3rd generation , which is the cheapest model that offers a predefined set of applications that cannot be extended. However, the iTunes Store, YouTube, Netflix, Vevo, Vimeo and the AirPlay feature that allows you to stream content from iPhone, iPad and computer to the TV are included. This version supports a maximum resolution of 1080p and can be purchased directly on the Cupertino company’s website for 79 euros .
  • Apple TV 4th generation is the latest version developed by Apple that integrates the App Store, so you can choose from a wide choice of applications and games not available on previous models. This version is accompanied by the remote control with touch surface to interact more quickly with the contents on the screen. The only flaw is that it lacks the optical audio output

There is also a third version. We are talking about the Apple TV 4K , a revised and improved version of the 4th generation Apple TV with 4K support. It is a model conceived and designed for those who want to enjoy the viewing experience to the fullest on their 4K compatible TV. It is available in 32GB and 64GB.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3s

Among the best devices for TV streaming there is also the Xiaomi Mi Box 3s which integrates version 6.0.1. of the Google Android TV platform. Netflix, Spotify, KODI, TimVision, Youtube, Google Play Music and Play Film. These are just some of the apps that TV Box offers to customers. The configuration of the TV Box is simple and intuitive, as is the interface.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3s can be purchased at a price of around 70 euros. In the sales package we will find: Xiaomi Mi Box 3s. the power supply, the instruction manual, the HDMI cable and the remote control.

Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV is the ideal Android tv box for those looking for additional features to simple streaming and online browsing. This device was developed not only to listen to music and watch movies, but also to play games and to use the apps on the Play Store and the GeForce Now platform.

NVIDIA Shield TV 2017 supports the latest audio and video formats: 4K video playback up to 60 fps with HDR and Dolby Atmos audio with DTS-X Surround .

In addition, the recent SHIELD Experience 7.2.3 update has made, among other improvements, also improvements to the control through the HDMI-CEC protocol.