What is KODI and what is it for?

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Kodi is an open source (GNU / GPL license) and entirely free multimedia center that allows the user to have all his entertainment at his fingertips and in one space. It is a software thanks to which it is possible, among other options, to watch videos or watch TV in streaming, record, listen to music, view images, play games, surf the Internet or see the weather forecast. The goal is to collect all the audiovisual entertainment options in a single interface, simple and easy to use. This way, we save ourselves the trouble of going to different sources, keeping the entire content well organized and always available.

Where does all the content come from? First, from your library. Kodi is able to store, organize and manage all your audiovisual content. You will simply have to import them to the app to enjoy them without limits. There’s more: thanks to its add-ons and extensions, you can add many other features to the software. There is a large community of developers and users who create and share extensions of all kinds and for any purpose. With these, you can access video platforms like YouTube or audio services like SoundCloud and perhaps one of the most interesting activities, which is watching live TV or playing series and movies. There are thousands of extensions available on the Internet that can be installed on Kodi to enjoy endless entertainment possibilities, thanks to its open source nature, which allows each user to take the source code and make their own modifications. It can be accessed both from the same interface as Kodi, where you will find a specific section dedicated to extensions,

The first release of Kodi dates back to 2002. Originally its name was XBMC (Xbox Media Player / Center) and was created as an application to be installed in the first pirated Xbox consoles to play multimedia contents present in the internal memory of the device. Over time, XBMC has also been developed for other platforms, primarily for computers and later also for mobile devices. In 2014, its developers decided to change the name of the software to Kodi, the name by which the application is currently known.

Kodi’s customization options are almost endless, adapting to the user’s needs at any given moment. There is a large number of skins that allow the user to adapt the aesthetics according to his tastes and which optimizes the software to be used in large screens such as those of TVs. In fact, it is one of the simplest ways to transform a traditional and recent TV into a Smart TV. It is available in various languages.

Kodi is totally legal software . However, its concept of free software has paved the way for extensions dedicated to the distribution of audiovisual content, especially for pay TV broadcasts, films and series. To tell the truth, it is also one of the main reasons it has developed into one of the most used programs globally.