Frequent questions

Is the service safe? 

Ours is a service that works in streaming (we do not provide modified decoders or whatever) and only needs an excellent connection speed. (we recommend Internet Fiber)

We 100% guarantee the safety and privacy of the users of our service.

For this we have designed our android App

Download App Here:

What will I get after the purchase? 

After purchasing your favorite plan, we will create your personal line and you will quickly receive all the instructions to use our IPTV service based on the device you have chosen.

To see the channels you need to download our android App on an android box, firestick, Tablet or Smartphone.

If you have a Smart TV you can download the SMART STB app from the store of your TV and we will explain how to proceed to activate the line. If you want to watch IPTV on Iphone, just download the app from the Iptv Smarters Player apple store and enter the data we will provide you after purchasing the plan.

If you have a MAG we will provide you with the portal to connect and if you prefer the M3U string you can use it on any application you want.

What payment methods are accepted? 


-Bank transfer (request by E-mail)


What will appear on my statement? 

The payment will be displayed on your card statement with the wording “Viral-services”

Possible Problems on the list and the viewing of the channels? 

Our servers are the most stable servers and 99.99% uptime and we also have 24/7 maintenance experts.

If you have trouble loading your TV channel list check this first:

Maybe your internet operator has blocked IPTV in this case you need to use a good VPN. (our Android App provides built-in VPN which solves this problem and therefore we recommend it)

However, if you have vision problems, do the following before seeking assistance:

Disconnect the power supply (unplug) of the Internet Modem router for 1 minute (do not simply switch off with the on / off button) it is important to wait 1 minute because doing so discharges the capacitors inside the Modem and the cache is reset (the DNS will be updated allowing the correct viewing of the channels).

How many Mb. do i need to see the channels? 

We highly recommend using Internet Fiber

To see the channels you need the following internet band

RAW Channels = 50 Mb

Canali Full HD = 30 Mb

Canali HD = 10 Mb

SD channels = 3 Mb

Check the speed of your line by connecting to the internet with the browser from your TV on this site: